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bathroom sink countertops corian

Professional projects. 

Eauzon offers a range of casted project basins in solid surface materials. Because of the casting process, these basins are competitive in pricing while maintaining high quality and aesthetics. We serve commercial projects such as hotels, offices, leisure environments like golf clubs and spa’s, boutique hotels and high-end service apartments.

Dutch designer Marike Andeweg

Eauzon offers design service for projects requiring maximum freedom and creativity. Together with Dutch designer Marike Andeweg, known from Not Only White and her work for Design On Stock and Eye, we can engineer a unique solution that will fit perfectly within the possibilities of your project.  Marike Andeweg is directly involved in each step of the process. Her ability to listen to the client's wishes and needs, in combination with her talent and experience in designing washbasin and bathroom related products, result in a unique and custom made user experience. To everyone's satisfaction. 

bathroom corian countertops
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Let our realised projects serve as inspiration and moreover as a starting point of an interesting and challanging conversation with you as the architect or developer to create a 100% custom design product for your project. 

Sciene and Technique.

Research activities are essential, both in order to constantly improve the quality of existing products, and in order to create new products in line with current trends that can meet designers’ needs. Research ranges from formulating new, high-performing resins, to treating charges, new polymerisation systems, up to surface treatments. An “anti-bacteria” formula was recently invented. For particular research projects, our parnter often collaborates with external organisations and universities. All of our products meet the current standards of the field (EC standards).