Our design process

Together with you, we will work towards the best bathroom solution. To give you a glimpse of this process and how we work, we structured our design process for you. This is what makes us unique because we take care of everything. From ideation to logistics.

1. Ideation

After having clear what you expect of this project, we will start brainstorming. This will eventually lead to the first ideation.

2. Design iterations

After the first ideation, we will have a discussion about what you think of it so far. What you like, and what could be better. This will lead to design iteration since the given information shows us more insights on how to improve the design.

3. Concept

When we find the right concept, we will await your approval to continue the next, more technical, phase of the design process

4. Technical Design

This phase is all about product development and engineering. All the technical aspects and details will be taken care of. Technical drawings, CAD and exploded views will be a part of this.

5. Mock-up room

This part is often enjoyed the most because it gives you the perfect image of how the bathroom will look in your environment. We will provide you with a mock-up room on location (worldwide) with our own installation team. This again may lead to new design conclusions and iterations. Usually, this is simultaneous with the product development.

6. Production

When we have everything figured out and agreed upon, the production can start. You do not need to worry, because we will take care of everything in cooperation with a factory in Italy, Europe. 
In this phase, we will also take care of the needed European or American standards (fire, anti-slip, chemicals, accessibility, ...).  

7. Manual

As the installation and maintenance are as important as the design itself, we will work on the right advice for you. This will become clear in our manuals, specially made for your project. It will make clear how to build it for the installation team, and how to keep it clean while in use.

8. Logistics

We will make sure everything arrives at your location. This includes labeling and arranging our packaging in such a way it has the least impact on the environment and not adding unnecessary costs. Again, no worries for you, we will figure out the logistics from start to end. This means delivering it on destination worldwide until order picking to your hotel. In consultation with the constructor, we will discuss what items go first, what floor, ...

9. Training and support

When everything arrived at its destination, the final part can start. Building it. We will supervise the installation-team through training. Next to that, we will provide you support on the building site.