Our team

Peter Callens

Sales, design, and development

Peter is the founder of Eauzon, passionate about bringing the practical solutions together with a visually attractive design. He has great knowledge about the course of actions concerning the installations of bathrooms, which makes it a plus to understand the whole design process. 

Ceo & Founder

Contact: peter@eauzon.be
Phone: +32 476 61 18 36

Jaco Waes

Project manager

Solidworks - 3D CAD technology
Product Data Management and operations
Software developer

Contact: jaco@eauzon.be
Phone: +32 471 84 34 09

Lander Callens

Master Aerospace Structures & Materials TU Delft
Sales, design, a nd development.
Solidworks - 3D CAD technology -3D Custom Visualization
R&D Team

Contact: lander@eauzon.be
Phone: +32 487 62 41 15

An De Rechter

Office manager
International Trade 

Contact: an@eauzon.be
Phone: +32 466 42 67 07 

Lonneke De Nooijer

Master Urban Industrial in Earth Science
MSC Industrial Ecology
Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA)

Contact: Lonneke@repeatmaterials.com
Phone: +32 471 089 095

Marinke Callens

Master graphic and industrial Product design

My vision is to efficiently use my broad area of interest to solve everyday problems with simple and utile designs, positively influencing culture and environment.

Graphics & Design
Solidworks 3D CAD technology
3D Custom Visualization

R&D team


Bathrooms reflect the hygiene of a hotel/home and a well-designed bathroom can boost the overall feeling of an environment. Eauzon knows how important it is and will make sure that that desired boost will be achieved through our creativity and unique approach.

Our core-business is showers, but we deliver the whole package of bathroom solutions. These bathrooms are prefab, which is known to be interesting in renovations or on locations where a lot of bathrooms need to be installed in a short period of time. As we want to fit your desires, this design is customizable to your preferences and space.