Semi Prefab Showers

Prefabricated shower stall (prefabricated shower stall) offers many possibilities such as fast installation, low logistics costs, no special adjustments on the building site, etc.
The box is assembled without tools and is always watertight, thanks to new techniques.
Cost saving: up to 30% reduction in the cost of installing utilities.
Simpler: we take care of the entire installation process. This means fewer subcontractors to manage, lower risk of communication errors and better quality control.
Faster: the installation of one entire shower unit only takes 4 to 6 working working hours.

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As the name says itself, it is the toplayer of the shower. This adds the desired character to your bathroom to complete the look.

Shower Flooring

Eauzon bathroom flooring is the perfect match between comfort and design.

The standards of a design shower are high: The preferred shower solution todat is floor-Level, easy to insatll and easy to clean.

Showers designed to compliance with the US & EU International Building Code .


Composite panels eauzon saniskill prefabricated shower

Composite panels

The composite panels, also known as sandwich panels, are elements made up of two strong layers. The core is made up of a lightweight material, The materials used are foams such as Pu, PVC, PET or honeycomb cells.



That glass can be an outstanding feature of your bathroom, which is something we already know for a long time. For this reason, we deliver you the best possible fit for your shower to make sure it suits all your wishes.

Glass Eauzon Saniskill
Corian wasbasin Eauzon Marike Andeweg


In cooperation with other companies, we find you the right accessories. These partners are carefully selected to make sure we provide you with the best quality.

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Ecoxide Panels

Apart from sustainability, this material is stronger and more durable than ever. Unique is its class A fire resistance approved by ASTM E84 Steiner Tunnel test certification which is a must in construction.

                                                         Class A, Astm E84 , Eauzon, Belguim, Saniskil ,Fire Protected Plywood Panels